Jello There by MK Surface

MK Surface’s Jello There collection is inspired by Michelle’s love of all things vintage kitchen and is drawn right from her personal collection of antique molds. Lush, sherbet colors that pop and sweet illustrations really make these mouthwatering prints something special. Get ready to dig in – We've got all your favorite flavors!

This organic Double Gauze is not your typical gauze. It's a more lived-in soft and lightweight fabric and has a looser weave than Quilter's Cotton. That super soft and airy feel only becomes more pronounced with every wash! There are no creases or ripples on the surface leaving it perfect to sew with and the stitches are subtle and hardly seen. Due to its cozy, airy nature, it’s best suited for clothing or baby DIY projects! It makes heavenly swaddle blankets, but also super-cozy crib quilts. And, since both the fabrics and inks are GOTS 5.0 and OKEO-TEX certified, you can rest easy knowing your fabrics are ethically and environmentally sourced.