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Tuesdays Tips, Tricks & Techniques


We love introducing you to our new techniques and sewing tips that we have acquired over the years. About twice a month one of our sewing experts will demonstrate (for free) essential Tips, Tricks & Techniques. Just show up for this free presentation and learn how to make some amazing project as well as new tips, tricks, & techniques. 

Next TTTT 

March 12, 10:30


It’s easy to add color, texture and personality to a basic hat. Julie will show you her favorite techniques including sewing, flat bed embroidery, and multi-needle embroidery using the hat hoop. She’ll even discuss puffy foam embroidery! These added details are so fun, you’ll want to make something for every head in your household.


Watch the video below of a past TTTT presentation to get a glimpse of what you can expect!