Stabilizer Bundle - Sew Much More Exclusive

4 of the most popular Stabilizers in stay-fresh reusable tubes to keep them clean and fresh.

Contains 1 tube of each of the following:

  • Medium Tearaway - 12" x 5 yards
  • Medium Cutaway - 12" x 5 yards
  • Water Soluble Topping - 12" x 10 yards
  • No Show - 12" x 5 yards

About these stabilizers:

Designed for light to medium stitch counts on stable to semi=stable fabrics. Firm, crisp and easy to tear away. Tears neatly around the edge of stitched areas.

Excellent for medium stitch counts on medium weight, stretchy fabrics such as fleece and pique knits.

A plastic topping designed to enhance embroidery done on high pile fabrics such as terrycloth, velour, pique knit, corduroy, fleece and velvet. Improves embroidery quality by preventing stitches from sinking into the pile of the fabric.

Soft, sheer, stable nylon backing. Keeps outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric = no "ring around the embroidery". No Show in white is ideal for lightweight, light=colored fabrics. Can be used with a medium weight tearaway for added stability.