Baby Lock RevolutionAir Needle Threading Guide

Overlockers are renowned for being difficult to thread. There are usually anywhere between 20 to 30 threading points which need to be threaded in a specific order each time a thread breaks or a different color is required. This process is complicated, troublesome, time consuming and can result in many annoyances including twisted threads and constant thread breakage.

The Baby Lock RevolutionAir™ Threading System eliminates these problems. With this exclusive system, threading can be completed in less than one minute. Imagine how much time you’ll save if you don’t have to worry about threading!

Simply insert threads into the threading ports, press the RevolutionAir™ button and a blast of air shoots the threads through the tubular loopers, threading them instantly. The loopers can be threaded individually or simultaneously.

Engage the RevolutionAir™ Needle Threader, hold the thread in front of the needle and with the push of a button the needle is threaded. No more licking threads. No more magnifying glasses!