Quilting Corner

Friday, February 14th - 10:30am

If you have a longarm machine and want even more "reach" into new techniques and quilting ideas, this class is for you!

Join our new quilting/longarm expert, Victor Farinelli, as he discusses all things quilting! He'll present this FREE quilting forum and share not only the basics but also new ways to quilt, use rulers and all the wonderful notions that will make your quilting projects look even more professional. Bring your questions and something for show and tell!


There is very limited space in our new Quilting Corner.
Please RSVP or join the waitlist by calling


NEXT TOPIC: Quilting Negative Space
In many modern quilts, there can often be more negative space, or "background" than there is of the main design, or "foreground".  Trying to figure out the best way to quilt this can be challenging.  This quilting corner will focus on how to best quilt those large areas of negative space as well as whole cloth quilts.

Friday, March 20 - 10:30am
Saturday, April 25  - 10:30am