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Microwave Bowl Cozy - Template

$ 39.99

Ever burned your fingers or had to clean up spills when dealing with your microwave? No more with this template. Place your bowl in the cozy and then into the microwave. To remove it, grab the rounded corners and no burned fingers! If you spill, your cozy will catch the mess. Just stick the cozy in the washer later. It’s great for cold things like ice cream; no cold fingers! Plus, your ice cream will stay cold longer….! Ready to make one? Let’s go!


  • Get a Grip Material "grabs" your fabric - making cutting quick, easy and accurate.
  • New! 9 Laser Cut Holes for marking the "X" Stitch Line - consistent stitching!
  • 5 Laser Cut Holes for Accurate and Consistent Darts - no spills in the microwave!
  • Perfect as gifts or as items to sell.
  • Perfect for hot items in the microwave. Keeps ice cream colder, longer!
  • Free videos show how to make different sizes, plate warmers, potato bag and more...