Leather Handle 50cm x 4cm (Black)

The innovative Miyako Bag Handle allows you to create several different bag styles with minimal sewing. By folding a square yard piece of fabric in a variety of ways, this removable handle allows you to change your handbag every day! The handle comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions or purchase the Miyako Handle Instruction Booklet separately for full instructions on how to create three different bag styles. Perfect for upcycling cherished scarves and wraps or create a reversible bag design with 2 yards of fabric. 

:: One (1) Miyako Leather Bag Handle
:: Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Brown, Camel, Nude or Duck Blue
:: Handle measures 19.5 in (50 cm) long x 1.50 in (4 cm ) wide
:: Made of genuine leather
:: Made in France

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