Kimberbell Vintage Boardwalk Quilt Kit

Missed the last Kimberbell Quilt Project? Don't worry!
We've still got the Vintage Boardwalk kits in stock.

Take a leisurely stroll along a Vintage Boardwalk and “let your cares drift away!” This feature quilt is a seaside resort of classic cars, tandem bikes, ‘50s-style bathing suits, and more, stitched on 32 embroidered blocks. The hot dog stand sells a variety of treats for Summer Days, promoted on a dimensional, hanging sign. Stop by for an ice cream pop, followed by chenille cotton candy and refreshing sips of appliqué glitter soda! Flip-flops with Summer Pull Flowers are high fashion for the waterfront, and a chic beach bag holds all you need for a day under the chenille palm trees. While there, laugh at the crabs made of red Embroidery Leather, clinging to life preservers and dock ropes, while seagulls smirk from wooden posts above. From sunglasses to surfboards, our Vintage Boardwalk is a place to rewind the clock, slow the pace, and remember that “life is a beautiful ride!”