Elnapress 850


Offers all of the conveniences of quick, professional quality ironing. 

FAST! The Elnapress 850 saves you considerable time thanks to its large ironing shoe and its 100 pounds of automatic pressure. The ironing shoe is 10 times larger than a conventional iron, so you get at least twice as much done, in half the time. You can press up to 8 layers at once.

  • Non-Stick Heating Shoe
  • 11 Layers of Finnish birch wood on the ironing board area
  • Interchangeable Sleeve Boards (Large-28.3" x 4.3" | Small-15.2" x 3.5")
  • 100 lbs of Pressure, plus adjustable mini pressure
  • LED Lighting with On/Off Button
  • Vapojet System included
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Alarm & Electronic Power Cut-Off
  • Ironing Cushion Included
  • 25” x 10” Dimensions | Weights 26.5 lbs

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