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Destiny Embroidery Upgrade I

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Get more creative tools on your Destiny embroidery machine with dozens of new embroidery shapes, designs, fills and stitches in this software upgrade.


  • Ten Decorative Embroidery Fills - Take quilting to new heights with 10 gorgeous fill designs, including floral, decorative and straight-line patterns. Edit and repeat the patterns for large-scale embroidery or quilt topstitching.
  • 60 New Decorative Embroidery Outline Shapes - Expand the Destiny's embroidery design library with 60 new decorative outline designs, including 30 closed and 30 open shapes. Include nature, flora, ornamental and geometric designs.
  • Candlewicking & Chain Stitches - Enjoy the convenience and beauty of candlewicking and chain stitch options for your shape outlines.
  • 20 Decorative Embroidery Designs - Stunning new embroidery designs range from nature-inspired designs to a variety of unique geometric to whimsical patterns.


  • Color Sorting - Allows you to sort your embroidery by thread color and stitch out multiple areas for color in a single rotation, saving time and aggravation.
  • Design Grouping - Select and group multiple embroidery designs so you can move, rotate and edit your work as a single design file.
  • Stippling from Embroidery Editing Screen - Add stippling around any embroidery design in an instant. Then, in a few simple steps, edit the stippling distance from your design and select the stippling space.
  • 9-1/2"x 9-1/2" Embroidery Hoop and Grid- Provides ample space for large-scale embroidery or quilting out a new fill.