Ava Embroidery Cabinet by Arrow

• One inch-thick top reduces vibrations while increasing stability
• Custom cut-out discourages fabric bulking while the machine is in use
• Three storage drawers to place hoops and notions
• Two cubbies for hats, fabric, and manuals

Say goodbye to the clunky, cluttered crafting space of yesterday, and hello to the organized efficiency of the Ava Embroidery Cabinet. With three storage drawers, two cubbies and a pull-out thread space capable of holding 49 standard embroidery spools, you can revel in the fact that everything will be in its proper place.

Thanks to her four industrial casters (which lock in place for additional security and stability as needed) Ava continues to remain light on her feet for effortless, fluid maneuverability.

Dimensions: 35 1/2 W x 23 1/2 D X 35” H
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