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Fine Point Scissors

$ 13.99

•Easy-grip micro-serrated applique scissors •Micro-serrated for no-slip cutting •Protective cap for safety of carry and storage convenience
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$ 33.99

Bent handle for ease of cutting. Protective sheath. Amplify technology forces blades together when cutting thick fabrics. Full  Lifetime Warranty. Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials in...
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$ 44.99

The classic Dressmaker’s shears with a  chrome over nickel finish. Knife edge cuts multiple layers easily. Full Lifetime Warranty.  Ideal for cutting out patterns and trimming seams Includes one ...
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Itty Bitty Scissors

$ 6.99

Great for on-the-go projects. Can't be much easier than this. These scissors will attach to anything, including your cell phone. Clip and go!  
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Metrica Scissors

$ 34.99

Top quality METRICA precision scissors from Italy! The inch markings are etched into the blade and are a real benefit when cutting fringes on fleece, ultra suede and many other projects. Incredibl...
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Mint Notions Collection - Scissors, Tape Measure, and Seam Ripper

$ 3.99

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This adorable mint-colored collection will have you cutting and measuring in style! Add a little fun to your next project, and jazz up your sewing room with these fun notions.  Dressmaker Scissors ...
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Premax 3.75" Embroidery Snips

$ 18.99

These 3 3⁄4 “ embroidery scissors feature curved blades to help you get close to your project. Made of stainless steel with a matte finish and sharp tips.   The artisans of Premax combine ol...
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Premax 4.25" Curved Appliqué Scissors

$ 19.99

These 4 1⁄4 “ double curved sewing scissors feature straight blades with a nickel-plated finish. The sharp, fine points allow for close trimming of threads.   The artisans of Premax combine ...
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Premax 6" Duckbill Appliqué Scissors

$ 22.99

Complete your appliqué-based projects with effortless ease using the Premax Applique Scissor. Designed with sharp blades and offset handles, this chrome-plated sewing scissor is a great choice f...
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Premax Professional Dressmaker Shears - 10"

$ 59.99

These Italian dressmaker scissors are so light you can cut with them all day. They have precision blades and and an advanced ring-lock joint system that prolongs the life of the scissor and prev...
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$ 45.99

Precision made in Italy. Unique vents in blades make for extremely lightweight shears. Ergonomic, rubberized comfort grip. Advanced Ring Lock TM system means that the blades never work loose.  The...
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$ 19.99

•Keep a large variety of scissors well organized and protected. •Made of high-quality, break-resistant plastic. •Keeps your scissors readily accessible. •Fine plastic sticks guarantee a tight and s...
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Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette CAMEO® is your standard in electronic cutting. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut ...
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