BERNINA Needle Nose Oiler

For dispensing oil with pinpoint precision, BERNINA Precision Oiler makes an excellent choice. Simply squeeze the reservoir to deposit oil in hard-to-reach places—ideal for hinges, hardware, folding knives, firearms and more. It's also great for keeping router bit bearings running freely to avoid burn marks. The dispenser arrives filled with a lightweight, general-purpose, plastic-compatible oil. The knurled tip can be easily removed for refilling or to switch to a different type of oil or lubricant. An O-ring under the threads ensures leak-free performance.


  • A great addition to your toolbox, kitchen drawer or glovebox
  • Takes the squeak out of hinges, and ensures smooth action of folding knives
  • Filled with 0.25 fluid ounces of general-purpose lubricating oil


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