December 31, 2019 1 min read





If you're like us, you're getting obsessed with the rainbow oil slick finish on the Tula Pink BERNINA collaboration. Now we JUMP at the chance to add the colorful finish to anything we can get our hands on! This oversized cup sure resembles a thimble, doesn't it? But flip it upside down and use it to store items like cutting and marking tools!





Coffee mugs seem to be the easiest item to collect these days. Add to your growing pile, or dedicate one of these to your special sewing space! The whimsical handles on these notion themed mugs will always cause a double-take. SEW cute!






Again with the Tula Pink obsession?! YES! This adorable Unicorn tape measurer it compact enough to carry in your purse, and cute enough to make you measure EVERYTHING!








And last but not least, we have this soft and squishy little coin purse. Use it to keep the coins at the bottom of your bag wrangled, or note the sewing pattern on the outside and use it to stash loose buttons, safety pins, or small notions! The choice is yours!



These are just a few of the many fun new gift items available in the store now.


Stop in and shop quick! These gift items always go fast!