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Deb Canham Studio






Deb Canham has been a sewing educator since the 1970's teaching classes in the U.K., Germany, Japan and here in the USA. She is a Baby Lock Ambassador and now lives in Venice, Florida.Deb has spent the last 20 yearsDeb Canham headshot designing and working with her own factory in China, and working as a consultant to garment factories improving their quality control through education and system techniques. Her love of the serger was probably inevitable given the industrial nature of these machines. Deb sees the modern sergers as great creative tools and designs fun projects for the Serger and particularly enjoys working with the fun decorative threads that perform so well on the serger.



Deb will be in Austin for 3 fun-filled days of serger tips, tricks and techniques! Join us for one OR ALL of the following: 

• Day 1: Working with Knits

Acclaimed serger expert Deb Canham will share her tips and techniques for working with all kinds of knits, including fitting, neckbands, stitches, decorative edges and more.  She'll share her samples and show you how to get perfect results serging knits every time.

Thu, Feb.1, 6:30 - 8:30  |  $25


• Day 2: Having Fun with Decorative Threads

See how to incorporate all the wonderful decorative serger threads into your projects! Even heavy metallic and rayon threads are easy to serge into edges, flatlock stitches and quilted designs.  Deb will show her samples of purses, table runners and jewelry so you can be inspired to add some special effects to everything you serge.

Fri, Feb. 2, 10:30 - 1:30  |  $25


• Day 3: Hands-On Class: Day Tote

Deb Canham leads a day-long class where you'll use your serger to create wired edges, cording, piping, quilting and decorative prairie points on your serger and make a fashionable tote with a cute rosette clasp and twisted handles. Lunch provided. *HANDS-ON CLASS -  bring your serger and accessories.*

Sat, Feb. 3, 10:30 - 4:30  
AFTER JAN. 23  |  $129