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This simple addition to any beach towel makes it easy to take to the beach or pool and lets you zip up your valuables and protect them from splashes.


Supplies needed

  • Beach Towel
  • 5/8 yard 44” coordinating cotton fabric
  • 1 roll Heat’n’Bond Iron On Vinyl
  • 1 package Clover Create-a-Strap, 1” wide
  • Annie's  Zipper By The Yard to coordinate 
  • with fabric
  • All purpose thread to coordinate with fabric
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Leather needle, 80/12
  • Teflon foot
  • Press cloth
  • Super Clips


1. Measure width of beach towel.  To reduce bulk, unpick hem at one short end (this will be the top), if possible.

2. Cut one piece of fabric 18” by width of towel plus 1”.

3. Cut one piece of fabric 2” by width of fabric.

4. Cut one piece of fabric 1 ¾” by width of fabric.

5. One length of iron on vinyl will make both pieces of main wrap.  Cut to widthwise measurement of fabric. 

6. Fuse vinyl to right side of fabric exactly as specified in the product instructions, leaving fabric margins on all sides. The use of an Elnapress will make applying the vinyl easy and permanent. Trim away unlaminated fabric.

7. Center and fuse a length of Create-a-Strap to the wrong side of 2” fabric strip. Press long edges in to the wrong side of the strap.

8. Press in long edges of 1 ¾” fabric strip to wrong side. Edges should meet in center.

9. Sew strips to each other, wrong sides together, edge-stitching with a 4 mm straight stitch.

10. Cut into one 12” and one 24 – 32” strip.

11. Cut large, laminated fabric piece into two long strips, each 8 ½” wide. 

12. For the front piece, cut a 1 1/2” wide strip from one piece, parallel to the long edge to make zipper flap.

13. Cut a strip of zipper tape 2” longer than width of fabric.

14. Sew the 1 ½” wide  and 7” wide strips to the edges of the zipper tape, right sides together using a ¼” seam (you can use the edge of the narrow zipper foot as a guide).  Press fabric away from zipper (quickly!), using a press cloth and an iron set at “wool”.

15. Pull zipper tape open about 3”.  Remove ¼” of zipper teeth only from one side of tape.  Place left side of zipper teeth into the flared end of zipper pull.  Insert cut side of tape into opposite side, matching up the ends of the tape.  Holding tops of zipper tapes, pull tab to center of zipper. This will keep both ends of zipper sealed.

16. Mark centers at top and bottom long edges of back piece.  Make 2 marks on the top edge each 4” from center. Clip 12” strap to top edge, having the outer sides of strap at the marks. Tape or clip in place. 

17. Clip back (plain) strip to front (zipper) strip, right sides together. 

18. Stitch a ¼” seam along sides and top edge.  Reinforce handle area with another row of stitching just inside seam allowance. Clip corners and turn to right side, making a pocket.

19. Press bottom edges of “pocket” to wrong side, 1/2” on  front piece, graduating to 3/8” on back side.  This will insure that you catch the back when you sew the towel in.

20. Insert top end of towel into pocket, pushing corners into place and keeping side and top edges right up to the inside edges of the pocket.  Hold all layers in place with clips.

Mark center of bottom open edge and make two marks 6” from center point. Place outer edges of long strap at these marks and tape in place.

22. On a flat surface, pin through all layers along bottom of pocket, making sure to catch back side of pocket.  Sew in place with a 4-5mm straight stitch.

23. Topstitch along side and top edges, ½” in from edges.

24. Mark for pockets by folding sides of towel to the center and marking fold lines on fabric.  Straight stitch from bottom edge of pockets to bottom of zipper tape.  Do not sew across the zipper.

25. Remember to use your sunscreen!



February 22, 2016 by Wylie L